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Pioneers in Sealed Torque Converter Remanufacturing

Consolidated Vehicle Converters specializes in remanufacturing sealed torque converters.

CVC’s competitive advantage comes from strategic management decisions based on in-depth experience and targeted response to evolving market demands. The results are superior remanufactured converters for automatic transmissions that are reliable and affordable.

Consolidated Vehicle Converters is owned and managed by an extended family that has been in the converter business for more than three decades. Julie Maynard-Turner, President, started up CVC in 1996. Her sister Marcia Maynard-Prugh, Vice President, joined the company shortly after. Both are on the shop floor daily, monitoring every detail of the manufacturing operation, Julie oversees production scheduling, and Marcia does the purchasing of cores, supplies, and components.  Tim Prugh, as general manager, handles most of the administrative and sales work.

His father-in-law, John Maynard, is their experienced advisor and focuses primarily on quality assurance and financial operations. With early career experience as the owner of three transmission shops in Dayton, OH, he became a pioneer in the industry of rebuilding sealed torque converters.  He founded MAMCO converters with other experienced transmission rebuilders and machinists. In 1994 Maynard sold the business and retired to Florida.  Shortly after Tim Prugh joined CVC in 2000, he asked Maynard to come in on a consultant basis to help them with what he’d learned over the years.

CVC’s current strength and success is based on a unique, well-managed system that combines the intuitive, probing, and skillful experience of the bench craftsman with the industrial engineering production line model governed by standard operating procedures and quality assurance.

Three differentiated production lines provide flexibility in supplying. One line is used for General Motors units primarily, and some Ford converters. The second is split between Ford and Chrysler, and the third handles everything else, including low-volume runs where only a handful of units are needed.

CVC moved in late 2008 to their new 85,000 square foot facilty that can accomodate four or more production lines.

Highly skilled and trained machinists at workstations, using specialized, often computer-controlled machining tools, process components to specified standards.

Standards, centerlines and operating procedures are not only reviewed on an ongoing basis, but are also newly created as failed late model converters enter the automotive parts aftermarket.

CVC technicians examine the units to determine how to overcome original design shortfalls and plan improvements.

In cooperation with local transmission shops, the remanufactured units are installed and their performance monitored and reported. Any actionable feedback CVC uses to fine tune the improvement plan process and then incorporates it into the production-line procedure for that particular converter unit.

Quality, Service, Satisfaction

Quality assurance testing methodology is an integral part of the company’s overall continuous improvement effort. At a series of test workstations, units are tested for leaks, lockup, concentricity, and balance. CVC’s goal is to do the right things right. For example, CVC technicians worked for years with the people who make the Hines computer-controlled balancers CVC uses, to calibrate and refine the balancing procedure.

Orders for units come in daily from their customers: aftermarket parts distributors, auto mechanics and transmission installers. Remanufactured stock units from CVC’s warehouse are picked and shipped everyday. Converter cores from customers arrive, are diagnosed, and assigned to production lines for cleaning, repair, and refurbishing. Bulk orders are palletized, shrink-wrapped and loaded onto trailers for delivery. With the initial launch of the CVC website that makes its catalog available as a download, and plans for a fully functional online catalog ordering application, Consolidated Vehicle Converters makes it easier for their customers to get what they want quickly.

Sales and growth are only possible if CVC consistently produces and delivers products of the highest quality, tested and backed by their no-nonsense warranty. The reliability of the unit and the willingness of the supplier to stand behind his converter are important to the reputation of the company selling or installing the part and warranting the job. Consolidated Vehicle Converters. Expect the Best!

Consolidated Vehicle Converters - Expect the Best